205 Lavinia is delighted to announce that Diane Maurer will be teaching a Japanese suminagashi marbling workshop @ Studios on Walnut, 310 Walnut Street in Milton, Delaware on Saturday, July 25 from 10am to 2pm.

Pale meandering lines and jagged rings of color are the hallmark of Japanese Suminagashi marbling.  A favorite of paper decorators for over 800 years, this is an easy, almost meditative type of marbling. In this class you’ll learn to float dyes on water, fan, blow or tease them into designs and apply a sheet of absorbent paper to make a contact print. We’ll concentrate on eastern techniques and add some western take-offs like multiple-image work and kitty-whisker prints to spice things up.

We’ll begin this class by exploring Suminagashi marbling on paper and then apply the techniques to marble silk. You’ll leave class with beautiful papers, a silk scarf and a new technique to use for quilting, bookbinding or making wearable art.

COST: $125
Supply List: Please come prepared with an apron or other dye-appropriate clothing as well as a packed lunch.
Materials Fee:  $12 payable to the instructor at the time of the class covers paper, dyes, surfactant, silk and paper towels.