Photo Shoot & Darkroom_ The Old Fashion Way!

Shauna Thompson & Stuart Annand describe black & white photo techniques using a 4X5 inch view camera in a darkroom @ 205 Lavinia Street in Milton, DE. They were enrolled in a year long workshop which ended with an exhibit of their work in 2009. Pyrogallol was used to develop the negatives. This was one of the first developers ever used, a favorite of Edward Weston.

Gabriella Workshop 2012


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Select the Day you would like to join us. The fee for the Workshop/Dinner is $100 per person. You can purchase wine at Lavinia or bring one of your choice. Please leave a valid phone number and e-mail address so if there is any problem we can contact you.

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Afternoon Workshop 3 PM Dining 6 PM


March 22 Menu

Appetizer: Toasted bread with cheese and pears and pea puree
First course: Tagliatelle with Tuscan vegetable ragu
Second course: Caponata vegetables in light pastry and ricotta pie
Dessert: Apple Strudel with raspberries sauce

March 23 Menu

Appetizer: Zucchini and eggplant parmigiana towers
First course: Green lasagna with white ragu with veal and three colors peppers
Main course: Pork tenderloin in a sauce of shallots, ginger and acacia honey
Dessert: Tiramisu with pears with orange and chocolate

March 24 Menu

Appetizer: Strudel with green apples and leeks
First course: Crepes with ricotta dried tomatoes and oregano in a fresh tomatoes sauce
Second course: Tuscan meatballs in a sauce of white wine and fresh herbs
Dessert : Mascarpone cream with white chocolate and strawberries with Vin Santo