About 205 Lavinia

205lavinia.com is billed as an “Art/Health/Development Gallery on Delmarva Peninsula.” Close to major metropolitan areas, it has an unusual proximity to a burgeoning rural population of retirees and urbanites who prefer the ocean beaches to escape urban gridlock. Lavinia has presented art exhibits, performance, workshops, and health services. The approach has been traditional, mainly painting, sculpture and photography in providing to its constituency, but all that has changed!

By instituting a video blog to show ideas and trains of thought, Lavinia seeks to move towards video representation by members, through video illustration as seen on its pages. Additional online galleries offer opportunities for artists to sell work, but only after creating a video scene of thought. With the new format comes workshops focussing on video practice, and as well, online computer orientation.

The beginning of change has been made. Lavinia is open to new ideas. The potential growth is unleashed.

Lavinia is open to Art and comment by anybody.